Your choice of bridesmaids dresses is one of the most enjoyable ways to spread the joy of your wedding day with those closest to you. What could be more lovely than choosing bridesmaids dresses to complement your wedding dress?

We have an extensive range of designer bridesmaids gowns for children, teenagers and adults. We have chosen top designer ranges from Kelsey Rose and Ebony.

Jane Aston, with over 20 years’ experience in wedding attire, is here to guide you in your choice of bridesmaids dresses. She is an real expert in showing you the best shades for you to choose from, to suit the hair and skin tone of each bridesmaid, as well as flattering their figures.

As well as choosing the right style and colour of bridesmaids dresses, we will make sure they fit well and are comfortable.

Kelsey Rose

Ebony Rose